Thursday, September 22, 2016

S4 T4W3 Mass Topical Revision - Schedule and Sign-up Form

Please find T4W3 Mass Topical Revision Schedule in the attached file

Indicate your choice of lessons in the S4 T4W3 Mass Topical Revision - Sign up Form

Please fill out the Google Form carefully and avoid sending in multiple copies.

Things to note:
1. Key in full name (as reflected in the class namelist)
2. Key in correct class and index number
3. Suggestion: print out a copy OR take a screen shot of the schedule and highlight your choices before you indicate on the Google Form
4. Deadline for submission: Tomorrow, Friday, 23 Sep, 12 nn.
5. Check your email: Responses, sorted by class and index number, for your reference (for students who forgot their choices)
6. Check your email: Venues for the lessons will be confirmed before lessons on Monday.

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