Friday, September 30, 2016

Study Leave (only applies to selected students)

The criteria for study leave is based on L1R5. 

Self-Study = sit in Info Hub/ Tutorial Room 3 and do revision; Supervised Self-Study = venue will be provided and attendance taken (More details to follow when I can confirm) 

So if your L1R5 is 25 or above, there is no study leave. 

My Memories with S407'16

1. Reflect on ONE of the following questions: 

a) What do you appreciate most about your class? 

b) Share one most unforgettable and memorable incident/ event (class related) and why? 

c) Think of one of the happiest/ saddest moment you experienced as a class. How did that impact you as a person/ class?


2. Write a thank you note for someone in the class (classmate).

Go to Padlet and write down your reflections. (Refer to class whiteboard for password)

Then refer to email for next activity.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Leaving a Legacy

Please refer to these slides: Read the links on slide 2 then type in the slide with your name.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

S4 T4W3 Mass Topical Revision - Schedule and Sign-up Form

Please find T4W3 Mass Topical Revision Schedule in the attached file

Indicate your choice of lessons in the S4 T4W3 Mass Topical Revision - Sign up Form

Please fill out the Google Form carefully and avoid sending in multiple copies.

Things to note:
1. Key in full name (as reflected in the class namelist)
2. Key in correct class and index number
3. Suggestion: print out a copy OR take a screen shot of the schedule and highlight your choices before you indicate on the Google Form
4. Deadline for submission: Tomorrow, Friday, 23 Sep, 12 nn.
5. Check your email: Responses, sorted by class and index number, for your reference (for students who forgot their choices)
6. Check your email: Venues for the lessons will be confirmed before lessons on Monday.

Monday, September 19, 2016

S4-07 - Our Most Memorable Time in SST and Our Aspirations

Please fill in your memories and aspiration in the slides. Go to the slide with your index number. Each index number has 2 slides.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

19Sep (Mon) Mass Revision Lessons

0840: Morning assembly in ISH

0900-1000: CE lesson in S407 classroom 

From 10am: Report to the venues highlighted in yellow on this GoogleSite post 
(Recess Break: 1140-1220)

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 S4 T4W2 Mass Topical Revision Schedule

Please refer to this Googlesite announcement for T4W2 mass topical revision.

1. The Google Form has been emailed to you. Please sign up by TODAY, Fri 16Sep 3pm.

2. Please note down what you sign up for so that you will remember and attend the correct lesson next week.

3. For venues, please refer to Google Site/ email. (For Math, it will be posted on Maths Google Site)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cosplay Event in SST on Fri, 16 Sept 2016

Please refer to this Student Blog Announcement for the Cosplay event this Friday, 16 Sep.

As announced in class,

The attire on this Friday 16Sep is SST School Uniform. (It is a normal school day)

If you are cosplaying, please change to cosplay outfits during recess.

Wearing home clothes is not allowed

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sec 4 Sep Hol Remedial

Please refer to this Google site post for the Sec 4 Sep Hol remedial schedule on 5 Sep (Mon) and 6 Sep (Tue)

If you are required to attend the remedial for any subjects, you should be informed by your respective subject teachers. If unsure, please check with your teachers. Or just attend.

Term 4 will be very hectic. So please make good use of this break to do your own revision.