Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Announcements for 31 Aug (Wed) and 1 Sep (Thu)

The following is taken from email sent to you by Mr Stanley Tan:

Dear Students,

Some updates to what's happening on Wednesday & Thursday 

a. NE Survey on Wednesday 31 August (11.15 -11.45 a.m.) in Auditorium 

All students are to bring MacBook & earphones
To sit according to class & register number - passwords will be issued accordingly. 

b. Social Etiquette Workshop on Wednesday (11.45am - 4pm

Please bring along a change of clothes [optional] 
Bring what you think is considered as smart casual for networking event/ fine dining

f. Staff Appreciation Day & Be Yourself Day on Thursday 1 September 

  • Program for the day: 

    1st September 2016
    0740 - 0750
    National symbols & silent reading
    0750 - 0800
    Opening Address
    0800 - 0900
    Staff Appreciation Concert
    0900 - 0945
    Lower and Upper Secondary Break
    0945 - 1030
    Class Fun with the PSB
    Respective venues
    1030 - 1100
    Respective venues
    Respective venues

  • We will be having 'Be Yourself Day' together on the same day where all SST students have the privilege to attend school in their home clothes (where home clothes = jeans/ cargo pants & t shirt; usual rules apply; some of you wore shirts with rather loud messages on National Day. Ladies - no sleeveless tops please! Do tone down a little & let me enjoy the day without having to flag anyone out for inappropriate 😂 
  • Please note that Cosplay day will be held separately later in the year. 

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