Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Announcements for 31 Aug (Wed) and 1 Sep (Thu)

The following is taken from email sent to you by Mr Stanley Tan:

Dear Students,

Some updates to what's happening on Wednesday & Thursday 

a. NE Survey on Wednesday 31 August (11.15 -11.45 a.m.) in Auditorium 

All students are to bring MacBook & earphones
To sit according to class & register number - passwords will be issued accordingly. 

b. Social Etiquette Workshop on Wednesday (11.45am - 4pm

Please bring along a change of clothes [optional] 
Bring what you think is considered as smart casual for networking event/ fine dining

f. Staff Appreciation Day & Be Yourself Day on Thursday 1 September 

  • Program for the day: 

    1st September 2016
    0740 - 0750
    National symbols & silent reading
    0750 - 0800
    Opening Address
    0800 - 0900
    Staff Appreciation Concert
    0900 - 0945
    Lower and Upper Secondary Break
    0945 - 1030
    Class Fun with the PSB
    Respective venues
    1030 - 1100
    Respective venues
    Respective venues

  • We will be having 'Be Yourself Day' together on the same day where all SST students have the privilege to attend school in their home clothes (where home clothes = jeans/ cargo pants & t shirt; usual rules apply; some of you wore shirts with rather loud messages on National Day. Ladies - no sleeveless tops please! Do tone down a little & let me enjoy the day without having to flag anyone out for inappropriate 😂 
  • Please note that Cosplay day will be held separately later in the year. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

29 Aug: QSE survey: Bring LD

The following message is taken from the email sent to you by SST Admin staff on QSE survey:

Please be reminded that you are required to participate in the QSE questionnaire to be held on 29 August 2016, Monday.  

Date:      29 August 2016Monday
Time:      8.50 - 9.50 am
Venue:    Auditorium (A-04-01)

Please note the following:

  • Bring along your Learning Device to school on that day as the questionnaire will be done on-line.
  • Sit according to your class.
  • Password labels will be distributed to you on that day.  
  • The questionnaire will take about 45 mins to complete. 

Please sit according to index number as usual. The review of scripts will start after the above QSE survey.

Monday, August 15, 2016

National Day Celebration Feedback

Please provide your feedback via this link by this Wednesday, 17Aug.

Reference: email from Ms Ruth Loh:

Dear SST students,

Thank you for being part of 2016 National Day Celebrations.

In Week 7, SST NE Committee planned range of activities to celebrate our nation's birthday.

1.  Display at Infohub - Nation's 51st Birthday.

2.  National Day Community Songs over the PA system.

3.  Morning Programme for National Day Celebration: 
     (A)  National Day Speech by Mrs Chan
     (B)  Recap of 2015 National Day Celebrations
     (C)  Sharing by NE Ambassadors - tributes to Singapore's progress & meaning of SG51
     (D)  Short Presentation by SST group - the Singapore beginnings
     (E)  National Day Quiz segment
     (D)  Community Singing Session led by SST Show Choir, assisted by Student Leaders (Student Council, Peer Support Board,         
            NE Ambassadors)
4.  Level Programme:
     (A)  Sec 1 - Telematch@ISH
     (B)  Sec 2 - SST Amazing Race
     (C)  Sec 3 - 'Honouring Our Pioneers' : Service Learning Trip
     (D)  Sec 4 - SG51 Class Learning Journey

Please provide your feedback via this link during your CE lesson today, 15 August 2016the latest feedback has to be in by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 17th August 2016. Your responses are important and contribute to our programme planning and design.

Thank you for your time.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

4th August 2016 - Homework

- 2014 O level paper 2 (due 5 Aug)
- bring 2015 paper for next lesson
- 2013 to 2015 paper 1 (key in answers on googlesites)

- 2015 prelim paper 1 and 2 (due 11 Aug)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3rd August 2016 - Homework

- compre (due end of this week)

8 Aug (Mon) - Learning Journey to Marina Barrage (Updated)

Reporting Time: 7.40am

Reporting Venue: SST ISH

Attire: Red / White top with jeans or bermudas with covered shoes

-No inappropriate language or picture should form any part of the T-shirt design.
- No revealing attire

Things to bring: 

-story book (for silent reading at ISH)
-water bottle (filled with water)
-some snacks
-umbrella/ poncho
-insect repellent 
-an extra set of clothes (optional)

Learning Journey: Marina Barrage

Dismissal Time: 11.30am

Dismissal Venue: Marina Barrage

8 Aug Programme: Refer to Student Blog Announcement

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Reporting Venues for this week (T3W6)

Monday, 1Aug - ISH

Tuesday, 2 Aug - AUDITORIUM - Prelim Briefing

Wednesday, 3 Aug - Classroom - Discussion of NDP Outing

Thursday, 4 Aug - Learning Oasis 2 (Block C Level 3) - Principal Visit to S407&S408 (Try to reach by 7.30am)

Friday, 5 Aug - ISH
Note: After morning assembly, from 7.50am-8.10am, there is Graduation Cohort Photo Taking. Be in school uniform. Don't be late!

Updated: 2 Aug 1252

Digital Citizenship: SEC 4 Student Profiling Exercise 2016

Please complete this Digital Citizenship Sec 4 Profiling Exercise 2016