Friday, April 15, 2016

DSA-JC & EAE 2016 - Slides shared during CE on 15Apr (Fri)

Please view the slides shared by Mr Stanley Tan and Ms Doreen Tan today on application for Direct School Admissions - Junior College (DSA-JC) and Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) (previously known as Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA)). A copy of the slides is also attached in email sent to you. 

If you are interested in applying for DSA-JC or EAE (for polytechnics): 

1. Please read up about the criteria and application period at the school websites. You can find the links of the schools in the slides from Slide 25 onwards. If you have queries, you may call the school you are interested in to find out more.

2. Please discuss with your parents.

3. If your final decision is to apply for DSA-JC or EAE (for polytechnics), please indicate your interest for applying using this Google Form by 22 April (Fri) 5pm. We need to know your intention of applying so that the school can start preparing your testimonial for you. (Even if you are not applying, you will still get a testimonial when you graduate**)

Words of advice: Please apply if you are very sure that you want to enter the school/ course AND you meet the criteria for DSA-JC & EAE. As mentioned during the briefing, if you are successful in your application and choose to accept the offer, you cannot change your choice after receiving your O level results. 

If you still have queries on this process, you may look for me. 

** Terms and conditions applied e.g. no disciplinary records this year, good conduct, do not owe school fees, do not owe library books etc.

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