Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DSA-JC and EAE (Polytechnic)

Summary of key points shared today: 

1. Apply through DSA-JC or EAE (polytechnic) only if you are VERY CERTAIN of the course you want to go to.

2. For EAE (polytechnic), the first criteria is course related talents, achievements and passion. Other talents and achievements may be considered after considering course related talents and achievements. 

3. These are the links I shared in class today:

(i) Information on EAE: Besides the main page, click and read "Selection criteria" too. Ignore the "Frequently asked questions" because it is outdated. There is no more JPSAE. 

(ii) EAE process: Although this information is by Ngee Ann Poly, the information is the same for all polytechnics. Applying EAE is through a centralised portal for all polytechnics. When applying, need to select the specific course you are interested in. You can select a maximum of 3 courses (NOT 3 course each poly).  

(iii) General information on DSA-JC: Before applying, please check the respective school's websites for their criteria. 

(iv) slides shared by Mr Stanley Tan and Ms Doreen Tan last Friday

4. If your final decision is to apply for DSA-JC or EAE (for polytechnics), please indicate your interest for applying using this Google Form by 22 April (Fri) 5pm. 

We need to know your intention of applying so that the school can start preparing your testimonial for you. (Even if you are not applying, we will also write testimonial for you). 

We will NOT respond to last minute requests for testimonials for DSA/EAE application. So think carefully and fill in the form by above deadline if you are very certain. 

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