Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tomorrow, 5 Feb (Lunar New Year Celebrations)

1. Please note that tomorrow, 5 Feb (Fri) is an official school day. Any absence has to be supported with MC or parent's letter. Report to school as usual before 7.40am. You will be dismissed around 12pm.

2. The programme for tomorrow (as on Student's Blog announcement)

3. Attire (as on Student's Blog announcement and in slides)
You are encouraged to come to school this Friday for LNY Celebrations in shades of red.

Some simple rules:
i. No S&W Attire. No shorts (not even CCA shorts).
ii. No cross-dressing. No revealing attire.
iii. No objectionable messages or images or words
iv. School rules applies (e.g. don't wear SST pants without the full uniform).
v. You must wear either red (or shades of red) clothes, traditional costume or full SST School uniform.

—-No baring of midriff.
—-No strapless tops.
—-No singlet or spaghetti straps.
—-Skirts should not be more than 3 fingers above knee caps.

—-No shorts and hot pants are allowed.

4. Things to bring:

a) Storybook for silent reading in morning
b) Scissors with fine tips and pen knives for cutting of paper patterns.
c)Materials for LNY classroom decoration.
d)Rags and newspapers for spring cleaning.

5. Instructions for class activity: Read these powerpoint slides so you will know how to do the paper cutting tomorrow.

6. Please complete classroom decoration tomorrow too. The judging for both the classroom decoration and LNY decoration is tomorrow. 

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