Thursday, January 7, 2016

Polytechnic Open House and Discover Programme

As mentioned, you are tasked to visit the Polytechnic Open House from 7 Jan (Today) to 9 Jan (Sat) as there will be a sharing session during one of the CE lessons. As arranged in class on Monday, here are your assigned polytechnics and groups:

-Singapore Polytechnic: Axel, RoidDaris, Ashley, Thiha, Aria
-Ngee Ann Polytechnic: Haady, Ray, Danial, Wynn, Jordan
-Nanyang Polytechnic: Sean, Khit, Malcolm, BG, SherwynKabirVignesh
-Republic Polytechnic: Aiman, Gerald, Wayne, Yun Jing, Victoria
-Temasek Polytechnic: (optional)

(1) During the CE period where you are required to share, you are to work with your groups on the information to share with the class. More details will be given later. The purpose of assigning you to different polytechnics and the sharing session is to ensure that everyone in the class gets information on all polytechnics. 

Details are not out yet. But when you visit the polytechnics, these are some information which you should find out:

(i) What are the unique points of the school you visited?
(ii) What are some signature programs/ CCA that other classmates would be interested to know about? 

(2) From 7Jan-9Jan: Please visit the polytechnic open houses you are assigned to. You may go to other polytechnics if you have the time. Polytechnic Open Houses showcase the courses and CCAs. Most importantly, you get to ask the lecturers/ polytechnic students questions about the courses, which you don't get to if you just read online information. So I strongly encourage you to visit the Polytechnic Open Houses especially if you are interested to go polytechnic after O levels. 

(3) If you are interested to go JC, you can refer to this List of 2016 JC and Poly Open House for the details of their open houses. I suggest you confirm the dates of the Open House by clicking on the links to check the school websites. 

(4) If you want to visit the Open House today/ tomorrow afternoon and it clashes with any school programme (e.g. CCA), you must seek permission from the teacher in charge (e.g. CCA teacher). Approval is on a case by case basis.

Last but not least, please check email from Mr Stanley Tan for
(i) namelist of those who signed up for Singapore Polytechnic Open House with Mr Tan tomorrow, 8Jan (Fri):

Shaikh Mohamed Haady MattarS4-07
Lim Zhe En JordanS4-07
Khit Goh Zhi WeiS4-07
Wayne Low Ka ShinS4-07
Daris Ker Ann LeeS4-07
Bryan Goh Hong WeiS4-07

Report outside general office 1.50pm, school uniform to take attendance with Mr Stanley Tan. You are excused from all school activities except school competitions, Badge Night and re-tests.

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